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Unlocking the Potential of Digital Twins

PropTech Consulting was founded with one simple vision:
  All properties will be managed digitally in the future.
    Our mission is to make that future happen today.

PropTech Consulting was founded with one simple vision: All properties will be managed digitally in the future. Our mission is to make that future happen today.

Who We Are

A New Approach To Real Estate XR

Based in New York City with a national network, we provide consulting services, digital twin development and digital transformation services. XR experiences combine Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality to create experiences that bring physical objects into the metaverse.

Example of augmented reality and real estate XR
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Real Estate Technology Consulting

Get tailored consulting services for your organization across property owners, developers or any other stakeholder group of interest through what we call SmartScale™ - helping customers maximize efficiency without sacrificing strategy or innovation.


Startup Growth

Helping startups to develop an extensive growth strategy and achieve a high growth rate by utilizing our industry relationships and technological resources.


Thought Leadership

Helping company leadership become trusted, credible authorities in the real estate industry by empowering them with technical knowledge and impactful relationships.


Channel Partnerships

Building world-class relationships with industry leaders by coordinating exclusive networking opportunities and introductions.

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White Glove
Digital Twin Concierge

Our role is to orchestrate technology-enabled growth for real estate companies and technology companies through enduring, resilient win-win relationships.


Results that speak for themselves

Cretech "reimagining real estate" business logo

"Jonathan brings passion, drive and knowledge to the PropTech sector and is a terrific asset to our young, thriving industry. I have had the pleasure of knowing him for a few years in this space and he always brings a great deal of energy and insights to every interaction I have with him."

CEO of Cretech, Michael B. talking on a stage at an event
Michael B.
CEO @ CREtech
Realcomm logo

"Jonathan is a motivated, forward-thinking, intelligent technology executive with deep knowledge in his field. Proactive, ambitious, dedicated and broad-minded perfectionist. Jonathan assumed a leadership role in GeoCV, inspiring and motivating his business colleagues. His leadership and organizational skills have been invaluable to the industry. Through the years, we worked together on the Realcomm conference and I was impressed by his professional communications and his manner of doing a thorough job."

Photo of Howard B. who is a managing partner at Realcomm
Howard B.
Managing Partner @ Realcomm
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"Hard working, bright, and creative business development leader. So many people in Jonathan's position are gatherers rather than farmers and hunters. I have watched Jonathan hustle to build businesses with limited resources.

If your product is designated to brokers, top producing real estate teams and agents - this is the type of executive you are looking for."

Photo of Victor L., who is a Wav Group founding partner
Victor L.
WAV Group Founding Partner
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Based in New York City, with a national network, PropTech Consulting serves as a trusted resource for its technology solutions, professional services, and growth advisory.

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