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Managing risk while continuing to scale at the ever-increasing speed of digital transformation is a key challenge facing real estate firms. PropTech Consulting enables companies to make informed decisions based upon tested, real-world methods and experiences.

Every consulting agreement is bespoke: from professional services to company-wide technology adoption, powerful growth and publicity strategies – nothing is beyond the scope of our capabilities if it helps you reach your goals.

Strategic Planning

Strategic business planning skills for cross-functional operations, acquisitions, risk management and high-value negotiations.

Growth Advisory

Growth advisory for early-stage startups through industry relationship development and business network.

Channel Partnerships

Well connected with executives from business sectors including media, marketing, real estate, and technology.

GTM Strategy

Development of go-to-market property strategies using cutting-edge XR and visual technologies.


Design of new technology solutions using ever-changing real estate XR and visual presentation approaches.

Digital Transformation

Optimizing revenue on the lifecycle of real estate from virtual tours to digital twins.

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Based in New York City, with a national network, PropTech Consulting serves as a trusted resource for its technology solutions, professional services, and growth advisory.

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