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Managing risk while continuing to scale at the ever-increasing speed of digital transformation is a key challenge facing real estate firms. PropTech Consulting enables companies to make informed decisions based upon tested, real-world methods and experiences.

Every consulting agreement is bespoke: from professional services to company-wide technology adoption, powerful growth and publicity strategies – nothing is beyond the scope of our capabilities if it helps you reach your goals.

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Strategic Planning

Designing business strategies to leverage digital technology, manage risk, and capitalize on industry trends.

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Startup Growth

Helping startups to develop an extensive growth strategy and achieve a high growth rate by utilizing our industry relationships and technological resources. 

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Channel Partnerships

Building world-class relationships with industry leaders by coordinating exclusive networking opportunities and introductions.

Product Market Fit

Product Market Fit

Using the latest real estate technologies, we help companies achieve product-market fit by creating positive engagement that leads to swift sales cycles and market adoption. 

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Research & Development

Facilitating tech-driven growth by helping develop innovative new digital products with the potential to disrupt the entire real estate industry.

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Thought Leadership

Helping company leadership become trusted, credible authorities in the real estate industry by empowering them with technical knowledge and impactful relationships.

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Based in New York City, with a national network, PropTech Consulting serves as a trusted resource for its technology solutions, professional services, and growth advisory.

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