Zaha Hadid Architects Is Building a Virtual City for the Metaverse
Zaha Hadid Architects has designed a cyber-city with its signature futuristic, curved style of architecture. Photo: Mytaverse

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Zaha Hadid Architects Is Building a Virtual City for the Metaverse

April 6, 2022
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Everyone has heard about the change in name from Facebook to Meta, and many have already questioned what this metaverse will be. It could be far more than a trend that never reaches the industry in the real estate world. It could totally revolutionize the way people do business.

One of the most famous architecture firms in the world is jumping in to show how innovative this new technology form could be. Zaha Hadid Architects' design and architecture will soon be seen in the metaverse – and we aren't talking about a recreated home or two for curious visitors to take in.

Using their exceptional style and business savvy experience, the brand is building its own city, complete with galleries, a city hall, and collaborative working spaces. The world in cyberspace has similarities to the Free Republic of Liberland – a place with no infrastructure or people in the real world.

Virtual denizens, buildings, and companies will soon be available on the metaverse for everyone to check out. And when you think about it, it could just be the start of design, real estate, and innovation on a whole new platform for everyone with a hand in the pie when it comes to real estate. Check it out: - Architectural Digest