PropTech Consulting’s 2024 PropTech Event Guide

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PropTech Consulting’s 2024 PropTech Event Guide

February 26, 2024
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Working on your 2024 PropTech event schedule? Industry conferences are happening across the country (and the globe!), many of which have compelling itineraries and excellent attendee lists. Deciding which are worth it and which aren’t isn’t easy.

That’s why we’re sharing our guide to the 2024 PropTech event landscape. Here are the PropTech events that we’re excited about this year, from residential to commercial to VR and beyond.

2024 PropTech event guide

International Builders' Show

February 27-29, Las Vegas

The International Builders’ Show focuses on light construction. Themes include architecture and design, remodeling, innovative products, market trends, and business strategies. This conference isn’t 100% tech, but it deeply touches on it, and is well-attended by tech buyers. 


March 12-15, Cannes

The highest-profile real estate conference in the world, MIPIM is the place to go if you want to learn about and network with real estate and PropTech professionals on a global stage. Keynotes include the current prime minister of Thailand - it doesn’t get more global than this.


April 16-18, Birmingham

The Real Estate Standards Organization is working to develop a common data standard for real estate. Their conference is primarily attended by residential agencies and tech companies with a data angle. If you want to contribute to the conversation around standardized data in real estate, this is your event.

The Real Deal’s New York Real Estate Forum

May 8, New York

A very New York City-focused event, this event has seen major speakers include mayor of New York City Eric Adams and Scott Rechler of RXR Properties. This isn’t the place to come for a stacked tech agenda, but if you’re in real estate in New York City, don’t miss it.

Inman Connect Miami

May 21-22, Miami

One of the biggest names in residential PropTech events and media, Inman’s Connect Miami event will include networking and educational sessions focused on the tools, trends, and perspectives that matter to residential agents.

Realcomm and IBcon

June 20-21, Tampa

These blended conferences focus on how tech is changing real estate, operations, and smart buildings. This focus makes them more targeted than general PropTech conferences. If you’re in the business of buildings or property operations, come to these conferences and network with sector leaders like Honeywell and Yardi.


June 18-20, Long Beach

This event isn’t specifically PropTech, but it’s all about a critical tech field of massive interest to real estate companies: Extended Reality (XR), including VR, AR, and Mixed Reality. This technology is already having significant impacts on real estate-related subjects from architecture to staff training to selling property, so if you’re interested in the tech with perhaps the biggest “wow” factor, don’t miss AWE.

Inman Connect Las Vegas

July 30-August 1, Las Vegas

Inman Connect Las Vegas includes a number of things that make it a great destination whether or not you previously hit Inman Connect Miami in May. For one thing, it dovetails with Luxury Connect, another Inman event solely dedicated to high-end real estate agents and brokers. Other events and activities focus on real estate sales marketing, tech and innovation, and the future of the MLS.

iOi Summit

August 28-29, Chicago

This is the National Association of REALTORS’ premier PropTech event. If you’re searching for content and opportunities focused on residential PropTech, come out to iOi for its’ bountiful tech programming and don’t miss the startup pitch battle.


September 17-19, Las Vegas

Upwards of 3,000 are expected at this, the fourth annual Blueprint Vegas. Known for bringing together an unmatched gathering of startups and investors, Blueprint is a  true multi-asset class show for innovators and real estate incumbents alike. Top-tier networking and a world class event experience help contribute to its unique vibe.

NMHC OPTECH Conference & Expo

October 21-23, National Harbor, MA/Washington DC

The National Multifamily Housing Council’s premier tech event has an emphasis on multifamily operations. Also on the agenda this year: revenue management workshops. If you manage or asset manage multifamily investment properties, take note of this event.  


November 8-10, Boston

This residential-focused event is produced by the National Association of REALTORS (NAR), and covers everything from business strategies to governance. Tech has a seat at the table too. Attendees have an opportunity to observe committee meetings for NAR, engage with the classic event sessions and networking opportunities, and catch celebrity keynotes such as comedian Mindy Kaling.

CREtech New York

November 13-14, New York

One of the longest-standing commercial real estate PropTech conferences in the country, CREtech provides a venue for tech companies, investors, and real estate professionals to network and build relationships. This year, CREtech is also launching a series of small-group “curated conversations” on specific topics like AI and climate - an excellent networking opportunity.

Triple Play

December 9-12, Atlantic City

This residential-focused conference and exhibition has a strong emphasis on the business of real estate sales. Attendees learn about and discuss building a brand as an expert in a particular niche of real estate, financial planning, and yes - how to use tech most efficiently.

How to get the most out of your next event

Whether you’re looking for tech solutions, investment opportunities, or prospects for your PropTech business, just attending events like these is not enough. Here’s our cheat sheet for getting the most out of your next PropTech conference.

1. Go in with ambitious but attainable goals.

Great goals:

1) Adding an in-person touch, putting face to name with prospects already in an ongoing sales process

2) Meeting early-stage founders

3) Connecting with service providers

4) Identifying what’s trending in the industry

5) Posing questions to voices you respect at panels

Bad goals:

1) Connecting directly with target buyers at large organizations, unless you can schedule with them ahead of time

2) Getting face time with major VCs, again unless you can schedule ahead of time

3) Attaining business goals while waiting for people to come to you. Unless you’re an investor or work at a major real estate firm, you’ll have to do the outreach.

2. Realize that the expo hall will be full of founders for small companies, and sales/marketing professionals at bigger ones.

3. If there are parties or add-on events, attend them. These are a great opportunity to make real connections outside the formality of the conference itself.

4. Set up meetings ahead of time, with your existing contacts as well as people you want to meet.

5. As implied above, it will be easy to connect with decision-makers at smaller tech companies, service providers, and sales/marketing staff at larger PropTechs. Getting time with real estate leaders or VCs will be much more difficult, as everyone wants to talk to these people. That said, if there is someone you really want to connect with, consider finding an opening after their panel appearance.

6. Follow up with the people you meet afterward.

7. Treat events as part of a long-term process. By the time you see the same people for the third or fourth time, it will be much easier to meaningfully connect with them.

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