Matterport premieres the Pro3 camera with their all-in-one cloud platform.

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Matterport premieres the Pro3 camera with their all-in-one cloud platform.

September 20, 2022
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On August 30, 2022, Matterport Inc. introduced a new Pro3 camera, along with significant upgrades to its industry-leading digital twin platform. Pro3 is a game changer in 3D capture technology, suitable for digitizing indoor settings, the physical world, and outdoor arenas. Matterport’s latest digital twin platform creates a groundbreaking, immersive interface and virtual experience, with enhanced productivity and workgroup collaboration. 

The global demand for interactive 3D models of spaces and buildings alongside visually immersive technologies continues to rise. According to Forrester reports, approximately 55% of global software technology companies and decision-makers have already embraced digital twins. 

In the second quarter of this year, Matterport has seen a gradual increase in the number of its total subscribers to a growth level of 52%, surpassing previous years. The powerful digital twin platform also serves a whopping 23% of the Fortune 1000.

The impact of Matterport on enterprise

Matterport has developed the Pro3 camera and digital twin's platform to meet scalability, security, and reliability demands, to ensure its platform is the most trusted and sought after in the industry. 

Digital twins empower business leaders to confidently navigate their business activities, especially during turbulent economic conditions. Because accelerating productivity is the concern, encouraging cost savings and improving operational efficiencies drives digital twin investments. 

With advancements in the Pro3 camera, alongside the powerful cloud platform, customers can effortlessly build immersive digital twins to strengthen their operations. Customers in sectors such as airlines, hotels, retail, and manufacturing, have reported that digital twins have reduced travel expenses by 50% and project timings by 30%, through improved collaboration. 

Using digital twins tools, customers are more likely to finalize reservations, because hospitality companies offer 3D digital tours. The Pro3 cameras capture high-quality videos that are useful in relaying 3D content, without distortion of images or overlapping photos. 

The unique Matterport Digital Twin Platform

Matterport has reinvented a revolving cloud platform that builds, publishes, manages, and controls digital twin spaces and buildings of any shape or size, outdoor or indoor. The capabilities integrate flawlessly, so that customers, partners, and employees can use the immersive environments for collaboration. 

Matterport aims to bridge gaps in creating capture-based images of structures, to build excellent representations of digital twins. This is important in developing measurement and depth sensing capabilities. The Matterport approach aims to strengthen the achievement of high-resolution LiDAR precision, that creates simple photo-centered workflows within AI capabilities, and digital twins cloud platform. The Matterport digital twin platform is beneficial in the following ways.

  1. Improvised Guide Tours and Tags

Increases customer productivity by creating reliable, customer engagement and sales conversion with new Tags and Guide Tours to promote visitor experience. Currently, sales and marketing teams can build direct virtual tours of residential and commercial spaces, customized to operations and areas of interest.

  1. Enhanced Views

The maximum level of productivity from one digital twin, to new work team collaboration, is known as Views. The Views enable organizations to build separate permission-centered workflows, for managing diverse tasks in different teams such as space planning, remote training, personal virtual tours, and virtual inspection.

  1. Powerful Mobile App capabilities

Take all Matterport platforms anywhere you go, enabling mobile solutions with customization, capture, publish, view, restore and edit capabilities, to digital twins, using the new Matterport app for android and iOS devices.

  1. Excellent Capture Services

Embrace Matterport capture services powered by a Pro3 camera to achieve quality digital twin replications from dedicated capture technicians. 

The Matterport Pro3 camera

Matterport Pro3 camera is a powerful and innovative 3D capture camera device, integrated with sensors that create spectacular images in outdoor and indoor spaces. 

Pro3 camera transfigures 3D capture by improving accuracy, versatility, and fidelity, at upgraded speed standards. The camera presents an interactive mesh with unlimited large spaces that allows digital twins to be streamed on the web or mobile platform. The primary aim is to ensure quick load times and affordable frame rates without compromised performance.

In addition, many advancements in Pro3 are reflected in advanced R&D. The breakthrough result is the 3D capture technology that elevates the digital industry to new levels of precision, mobility, and range, suitable for customer success. 

Customers for large enterprises have embraced the Pro3 camera, capturing enormous outdoor venues from campuses to stadiums, with accuracy and speed never attained before. 

Previous Matterport cameras had a limited polygon capture of 50,000, but with Pro3, that has been extended to one million polygons. 

The camera runs through the Matterport Cortex engine, enhancing capture timing at five times more than previous iterations. These improvements allow the camera to capture detailed spaces, reflective surfaces, and better foliage. The impressive part of the Matterport Pro3 camera is its ability to capture detailed, high-quality, and real-to-life color photos of  surroundings.

Amazing features of Pro3

  • It is customized with a 20-megapixel sensor, alongside a 12-element lens precision for ultra-wide capture of big spaces.
  • It is positioned with an unparalleled precision LiDAR sensor that is good for numerous light conditions.  
  • Pro3 captures 100k points in a second at depth levels ranging from 0.5m-100m.
  • A short camera boot time takes less than 40 seconds.
  • The weight is about 5 pounds, 30% smaller, and around 35% lighter than Pro2.
  • Removable battery packs are ideal for continuous scanning with a full recharge time of 3.5 hours. 
  • Pro3 has an advanced tripod stand engineered to maximize protection and portability. 

The camera system for Pro3 is integrated with Matterport software to enable it to work seamlessly, through the cloud-centered digital twin platform. 

In this respect, users and operators of the camera can create, manage, publish, and control digital twins of spaces and buildings of any element in the virtual environments. Moreover, the integration enables the creation of immersive, accurate digital twin representations.

Compact and lightweight, the Pro3 camera is designed for portability. You can also scan large spaces within a fraction of time,  through integrated capabilities. The MatterPak bundle includes a colorized point cloud, reflected ceiling plan image, high-resolution floor plan image and a 3D mesh file. 

The relative price of Matterport Pro3 camera and availability

The Matterport Pro3 camera can be purchased at and through Matterport partners like Adorama, Amazon, and B&H Photo.

The Pro3 Matterport camera is priced at $5,999, and it includes;

  • Tripod Mount
  • Charging kit and battery
  • One year warranty

The Pro3 Matterport Acceleration kit is available at $7,995. The kit bundle includes all requirements for a complete day of capture;

  • One charging kit and two batteries
  • Pro3 camera with carry case.
  • Wheeled Dolly, one Tripod, One hard case, two door stops, and one backpack
  • 10 MatterPaks  ($500 value)
  • 10 Matterport E57 dense point clouds for easing swiftly complete large projects ($890 value)
  • 3-year warranty on Tripod mount and Pro3 camera. ($2000 value)

Pro3 camera availability 

Matterport Pro3 camera availability varies mainly by region. 

  • Customers in North American regions can receive shipment by September 2022
  • Customers in EMEA and APAC regions can receive shipment by early October 2022

Millions of buildings have become more immersive for construction, planning, appraisal, marketing, and operations, through Matterport’s digital twin technology and equipment.

Customers now embrace professionally generated digital twins that help manage small or large facilities and provide the correct measurements needed for repair, cleaning, compliance, and space planning. 

The captivating 3D tours of digital twins are suitable for generating bookings, improving your property, and increasing sales. The Pro3 camera's high precision, is 

Armed with ultrafast LiDAR sensors, the Pro3 superb camera provides increased customer satisfaction and increases the interest of online shoppers in virtual listings. Meeting the expectations of customers and visitors is essential to attracting and growing prospects; achieving this can be accomplished by improvising virtual tours with engaging panoramic images.

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