The LEGO Group and Epic Games Team Up to Build a Place for Kids to Play in the Metaverse

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The LEGO Group and Epic Games Team Up to Build a Place for Kids to Play in the Metaverse

May 11, 2022
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The LEGO Group and Epic Games team up in the Metaverse

The Danish know that LEGO is an abbreviation that means “play well”. the LEGO Group and Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite and their Unreal Engine, have announced they intend to “play well” together and create an immersive, creative experience that promises to shape the future of the metaverse.

LEGO and Epic have already captured the attention and imagination of both children and adults in the real world. The planned digital experience will be family-friendly and give kids access to tools that will allow them to confidently hone their skills as creators. The play space the companies create will be safe, positive, and inspiring.

The evolving Metaverse allows people to rethink how they meet, learn, play, and work within an interactive, virtual 3D space. Just when we were ready to say LEGO had reached its capacity for creativity, LEGO Group and Epic Games plan to use their combined experience to ensure that the design keeps kids’ well-being in mind from the beginning.

Epic Games brings to the table its expertise in creating immersive worlds and creative tools that are accessible everywhere. LEGO Group adds 90 years of experience inspiring children and kids of all ages to play through endless possibilities with the LEGO brick creatively. The two combine to create engaging, safe digital play opportunities. Their primary objective is to create digital experiences that protect safety, well-being, and the inherent right to play.

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