DALL·E Now Available in Beta

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DALL·E Now Available in Beta

July 20, 2022
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Open AI has announced its latest version of the AI system called DALL-E 2, the successor to DALL-E, that can create authentic images and art, simply with a text prompt. The image generator in the beta version will allow individuals to use those images for commercial purposes. For example, selling merchandise and printing images on shirts with AI images is authorized. Nevertheless, OpenAI will discard image uploads with explicit content and real faces to avoid malicious use of technology that attempts to create deep fakes and misinformation. DALL-E 2 was tested and trained through filtered datasets to remove images with harmful, violent, and sexual content. Moreover, DALL-E 2 is incorporated with human and automated monitoring systems to safeguard the model from memorizing faces on the internet. In their deployment of AI systems, OpenAI's goal is to expand access, develop safety systems, and gain insight on use of these systems to identify and address biases in its training data.

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